Kay Gardner

Still Year written by Kay Gardner at Spillwords.com

Still Year

still year written by: Kay Gardner @kaygardnersdp   the year winds closed with winds that cease and hush the clock dies once more with intentional brea...
Callus written by Kay Gardner at Spillwords.com


Callus written by: Kay Gardner @kaygardnersdp   callus on my finger from writing poems with no slack callous on my heart from giving love and getti...
Mantis at Spillwords.com


mantis written by: Kay Gardner @kaygardnersdp   arms folded, head bowed he sits serene in prayer the devil's own horse...
Kay Gardner

Kay Gardner

Kay Gardner is a poet first, but she is trying her hand at a novella. She has an ongoing poetry series entitled "windows," and is working on an illustrated poetry collection and a fictionalized memoir. She's in love with words, her cats, and adores a really good cup of coffee. She's also a bit of a grammar nazi, which serves her well in proofreading others' works.