Money, poetry written by Phlammes at


Money written by: Phlammes   The route to evil it seems, but the very tool for actualization it is, recycled in bulks of prints, serially nurtured by ...
Destiny, poetry written by Phlammes at


Destiny written by: Phlammes   Dotted in blunts of its innate ascriptions. the very reason for existence, carved in abstract of a purported virtue.&nb...


Am Oluwafemi Aderemi, 27yrs of age, from Lagos Nigeria. I developed this flair for poems and creative write-ups, right from my infancy. Though I wasn't privileged to make professional pursuit of the art field, due to pressures by my parents wanting me to toe the commercial line. Still I never gave up the flair, steady I kept strings with my innate passion, by using my spare times in making poems, rhymes and creative write ups.