Selena G.

Taken and Lost, written by Selena G. at

Taken And Lost

Taken and Lost written by: Selena G. @selenaangel1011   Brown hair, hazel eyes. My flesh and blood. So happy and always giggling at the park. I cou...
Key To My Heart, written by Selena G. at

Key To My Heart

Key To My Heart written by: Selena G. @selenaangel1011   Having the key to my heart is not an invitation to hurt me. It's not to take advantage of it....
No More by Selena G. at

No More

No More written by Selena G. @selenaangel1011   No more tears.. No more fear.. No more evil.. No more hurt.. No more feelings.. Just heartless....
The River, written by Selena G. at

The River

The River written: by Selena G. @selenaangel1011   There is a river going throughout my house and out the back door. I am feeling a great pain in my h...
Selena G.

Selena G.

Just a girl writing her feelings out.