Bastille Day - La Grande Fête, poetry by Pardee Lowe Jr. at
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Bastille Day – La Grande Fête

Bastille Day

La Grande Fête

written by: Pardee Lowe Jr.


Color a-burst!
Quite a splash
Or rather splashes

Where’s the realism?
The impressionism?
The pointillism?

If this were Vincent’s only painting
He would be called a modern!

Hide and seek among the splashes.
Can you find the people with umbrellas
The fireworks?
The flags?
Quite a rout!
Exuberance overall!

Pardee Lowe Jr.

Pardee Lowe Jr.

Pardee Lowe, Jr. is a poet from Falls Church, VA. He has a B.A., an M.A. and a PhD in German and Ancient Icelandic, all from UC-Berkeley. His poems have appeared in Nova Bards Anthology (2020 and 2021), One Art (2021) and several Quaker publications such as Seasons of the Soul.
Pardee Lowe Jr.

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