Bellum Ex Machina, a poem by Charlie Bottle at

Bellum Ex Machina

Bellum Ex Machina

(War from The Machines)

written by: Charlie Bottle



In quiet solitude,
I contemplate,
as birds take to air,
their tranquility shaken
by dogs of war,
bombs blowing up nests,
feartherlings and nest eggs,
obeying verses and dogmas,
that proscribe love,
and preach bigoted hatred
as moral uprightness,
asking men to be perfect,
as perfect as God in Heaven,
except God is Perfect, most of all
in Unconditional Love.

So in this moment,
We pray to the Gods of Peace
to vanquish with Love,
and Diplomacy
The Gods of War,
their many faced mad dogs,
and their Bellum Ex Machina
let them be silenced,
so we like the birds,
can contemplate Love in Peace,
and sing to one and other,
in plains, from mountains
to the valleys,
of an everlasting Peace.
Dona Nobis Pacem.

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