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Book Review – ‘INSIDE’ by Beatriz Webe

Book Review

 ‘INSIDE: Seize the change’ by Beatriz Webe

written by: Betty Anne


“True beauty rarely makes noise or demands attention, rather it’s revealed to those who actually appreciate it.” – Encounter

‘Inside’ is a novel written by the very talented Beatriz Emilia Webe Pereyra.

A story within multiple stories, unraveling the real-life transformation of a woman who finds herself trapped in a painting of her own confection.

Struggling with indecision, her character ‘Nur’ travels from dreamscape to dreamscape challenged by her inability to accept change. Tenacious in her search for the answer that will lead to self-transformation, she embarks upon a journey in which she has to face her innermost fears.

“There it was again, the enormous beast with emotionless eyes staring right at her. This time Nur didn’t run, she knew it would be useless. She stood there watching the images she herself projected, as they covered the beast like a luminescent tattoo.” – Face to Face

Within this surrealism she encounters ‘The Beast’. The beast (an owl), all-seeing and all-knowing identifies the failings of human beings within our society and their mistreatment of our world, the planet, our ecological environment and its surroundings, and our own vulnerabilities.

“My dearest biped, figure out where you feel most discomfort, your treasures lie there. The world needs them.” – Journey

‘Inside’ gives the reader an insight into the duality of our own existence, challenging us at every turn, chapter to chapter. It is chock full of imagery and landscapes that are at times unsettling, urging us to question our own actions.

“I later understood that what I saw with my eyes was not a universal truth. What we see, and I am referring to all living beings including you, is a unique and individual reality, masterfully constructed by our own understanding.” – Metamorphosis

Wonderfully written, it is a revelation of the complexities of the human psyche and the possibilities of what can be found…Inside.


‘Inside: Seize the change’ was published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
Currently available on Amazon
Beatriz Webe

Beatriz Webe

Argentine actress and writer living in Madrid. She has studied Acting since she was 19 years old and has worked in numerous theatrical productions, short films and feature films. She writes and performs her own theatrical and audiovisual projects. She received a Special Mention for Best Actress and has been a finalist in numerous international festivals for her performance in the short film “Happy Birthday” by Alberto Gallego. She worked with Carlos Bardem in the feature film “Renko” (Spanish-American co-production) by David de Bartolomé shot in English and which is pending release.
Beatriz Webe

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