Broken Walls written by Ashley at

Broken Walls

Broken Walls

written by: Ashley



All My life
I wanted to be
a good wife

The best wife

a safe place
a best friend
the rock
on which he could depend

His anchor
his island
his lighthouse
in the storm

But he broke the dishes
broke the walls
he broke my trust
he broke it all

And I couldn’t bear it
I wasn’t strong enough
to take it

I stopped talking
stopped touching
stopped loving

a failure
in every way
I hurt him
drawing into myself
each day

so he broke the dishes
broke the walls
he broke my trust
he broke it all

It was supposed to be forever
Love and cherish
through whatever

but Wedding rings
turned into shattered dreams

I couldn’t eat
“why did he cheat?”
In an empty bed,
where I couldn’t sleep

barely breathing
through the weeping

My world had ended
and the sun still

No pity
to put it simply
I was drowning
in the shadows

They rode off into the sunset
and I was left alone

then You gave me kisses
broke down my walls
You mended my trust
You mended it all

Now I can’t stop talking.
and touching
My best friend
my anchor

You took the storm clouds
gave me sunshine
Used my tears
to make rainbows

Fixed it all.



I wrote this as song lyrics but I think it makes a better poem.



I'm 33. Truly happy with my life and am glad for all the storms I went through.

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