Corset -- Undone, a poem by Joseph L.M. Sturm at
Light Field Studios

Corset — Undone

Corset — Undone

written by: Joseph L.M. Sturm



I want to untie the knots with my tongue
while I breathe deeply and savor the flower’s scent.
Brushing the cords aside will reveal
petals that blush with a kiss
and open upon the command of so many words
and tentative touches that turn into a caress.

The saran wrap will fall with many a caress
and together we will be tied — tongue to tongue.
Lust and desire are apt words
that describe such carnal feral-ity — such a noxious scent.
Electric storm with a blissful kiss.
My eyes blue — sky, your eyes brown — earth: nature’s eyes will reveal.

They say that eating a flower is good. Experience will reveal
whether or not this is true. Perhaps a soft caress
of your face with my nimble hands will incite you to bequeath a kiss.
Test the air and taste the heat with your tongue.
Writhe and squeeze, pull and slide. Taste the scent
that refuses to be put upon paper as words.

With delicate ease, I weave my words
and by doing so, you reveal
your conniving intentions. We weave our scent
into the sheets. Our fingers entwined — they caress
each other — are not as nimble as my tongue
which seeks such rendezvous with a kiss.

And what a kiss!
Neither can utter even the slightest of words.
The air cracks, and I arch my back. I bite my tongue.
I growl with satisfaction yet shudder as I reveal
the beast. It is too late, and I can no longer caress
you with the tenderness I have shown ‘fore this moment. All I can do is hunt the scent.

We are one — scent
and all — joined by our secrets. One with a kiss
that began with a simple caress.
Apparently, pictures are worth a thousand words,
but what is this worth? Countless words — both infinite and nothing and god will reveal,
or he already has rather, his design with the flick of a tongue.

Scent — untie the knots — with your tongue. Use words
while we breathe deeply and kiss the flowers. Reveal
the cords that bind and caress. Reveal your slithering tongue.

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