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Creepy Man

written by: Dizzy P


I've seen him in my street at night
Lurking underneath streetlights
Talking to the teenaged girls
Who've yet to learn about the world
He offers them his drink and drugs
They don’t know better, they just shrug
And follow him into the park
Off the street, into the dark
Tonight, it was a different scene
An older brother, big and mean
Him and his boys, packing tools
To come and educate a fool
I watch them give that perv what for
We won’t see him ‘round here no more
It’s good when things go down this way
Street justice was served today

Dizzy P

Dizzy P

Dizzy P writes Urban Poetry. A lot of stuff happens everywhere, every day, and Diz documents the sights and sounds, things that cause smiles and frowns, fears and tears, and gives you his own take on them.
Dizzy P

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