FRENCH ROAST by Phyllis P. Colucci at


written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



I love a starlit night
where the darkness sets its hands upon my world
and the moon lights my path so I may see…

Accompanied by an old ceramic coffee mug
filled with the great aromas of French Roast
(Just sitting beside me like an old friend),
I lounge back to think…and dwell in peaceful bliss

I inhale the perfume mania flowing from the garden
as it prances past my cheeks, and soothes my heart and mind
…It calms my soul with all that is natural

I hear music in the distance; from the corner house
It whispers to me –  tunes of Classic Rock
Songs from a time in my past; a lost youth
A time when all was well and safe
A time when Mom and Dad once sat here,
While I once lay- the sleeping child, so very long ago.
But now, with a nostalgic grin –  I am.

…Ummm…another sip of that French Roast…
While the minutes turn to hours, then to days
And the seasons wake to turn the pages of time…
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, mature like aging wine.
I capture all of this wonder with every passing thought
…The good, the bad, the happy, the sad
…Old friends, new friends, family here, family gone
All with the hope of a new day –
A new tomorrow knocking at my door
…and oh so good, another sip of French Roast.

Ahhh… but now my French Roast is getting cold…
But its aroma is still alive – So strong; So vibrant; So tantalizing.
Its power excites me, as I lay back in my garden –
thinking…and dwelling in “peaceful bliss”…taking one more sip.

Oh, I can feel the Magic in the air tonight, as “MY” child lies sleeping;
dreaming the dreams of kings while darkness turns to light;
oblivious to tomorrow, where his future lives.
…One day he too will sit and dwell, hypnotized by days of yore;
–  And all because of a starlit night  –
when darkness sets its hands upon his world,
and the moon lights his path so he may see…
He’ll be accompanied by his own mug of French Roast,
while he lays himself back to dream!



Imagine being accompanied by just an old ceramic coffee mug, filled with the great aromas of French Roast, that may magically transport you to a world of the past; where memories of life, family and the “old days” touch your heart and feed your soul.