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written by: Endri Guri


My last hour, my brightest day;
My last walk with the living,
in my coffin of regret.

Ah, joyous Delirium;
weep for me not,
for once I loved my arrogance of life,
my wine of alloyed memories;
now spilled upon my soul.

Ah, the last Light of my eyes;
splendorous wind caressing my corpse.
Ah, their tears of mourn, my last Lullaby.
Crown me in my bed of flowers;
My rigid corpse, my lifeless skin.

Oh Lilies, my lilies;
how serene, how sacred,
how kind, how pleasant.
My last savouring of life;
the Lilies of my peace, the nurse of my grief.
I wish my hand could lay beside you,
but so sad you sit upon my grave;
withering in sorrow….

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