Lily Magnolia, a poem by Jim Wingrove at
Bianca Ackermann

Lily Magnolia

Lily Magnolia

written by: Jim Wingrove



convalesces daily
marries every feeling
eats herself unhappy

mitigates the haters
dresses to be starshine
harries every grammer

dreams about her hunger
works herself unknowing
thinks in terms of eros

stills her heart with moonlight
can’t begin from failing
wants the blue sky sailing

thinks in dribs of catnip
won’t descend to grammer
while working on a stammer
arms herself with hammers

drives to days of thunder
nourishes her wonder
ponders crystal vision

bathes herself in meaning
never is demeaning
or remotely overweening

doesn’t care for nothing
tortures all her family
loves Dandelion Stanley

gives money to the minions
talks to make her head spin
nourishes her jinn jinn

is all aboard and fibrous
sinewy and grateful
a fury to the hateful

she wears a shield of fire
and never can retire
or be someone in secret

she’s always just becoming
a friend to every moment
a dream you can’t stop dreaming

and wouldn’t mind repeating

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