Me... The Woman at The Well, a poem by CC at
Dmitriy Ganin

Me… The Woman at The Well

Me… The Woman at The Well

written by: Cindy Coverly


Me… I am that woman at the well.
Addiction withered my body near death,
I couldn’t care.
Me… I needed that meth.

Adultery… Sexual Immorality, the need for love.
Witchcraft, Idolatry … leading people down the wrong path.
I couldn’t care.
Me… I needed security.
Me…I needed love.

I couldn’t see, darkness surrounded me.
Depression controlled me.
Death lingered patiently waiting for me.
The stench of hell burning in my throat,
Thirsty for the truth

Grief, my heart is tortured,
I don’t want to be.
My breath shallow, my heart beats slow,
I am not yet ready to go.

I need a drink, to quench the stench of hell.
I walk up to Jacob’s well.
I take a sip of the water and look up, it’s nice.

He comes to the well and asks for water.
He didn’t come for the water, but He came for me.
The Messiah…go tell everyone that you see.
I give you living water…
My daughter, you have been set free.

My Father in Heaven, He knows my name,
forever transform, I can never be the same.
Come join me at the well and drink the living water.
Let me introduce you to Jesus, and forever be saved!

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