Meeting of The Mindless: Redirected (Hopefully) poetry by DaraMonifah Cooper at
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Meeting of The Mindless

Meeting of The Mindless:

Redirected (Hopefully)

written by: DaraMonifah® Cooper



When the two meet

foot to pavement
pen to paper

Thought to action
Rubber to traction

Voice to silence
end to violence

We must introduce
true soul mates made for matrimony
and separate those that were not supposed to be


Fist connecting to disconnected face
Denial from needy embrace

Hateful hands chucking walking-away backs
Holding the vulnerable while blocking attacks

Wild words wickedly piercing wombs
Blood-stained floor bricks tainting innocently walking brooms

Bullets breaking bones
Harassment hacking phones
Tempers coloring tones
Laughter diminishing painful moans

Fake mind tricks turning around real thoughts
to Doubts
Repeated clouts

To the psyche

Shiny Smiles, carefully committing rapes
Notarized Nooses, unraveling into celebrated capes

Fear replacing faith

When the two meet
May we remind them who they were meant to be
Uniting for the reciting of purposeful PEACEful poetry
Stepping down the aisle into sacred village halls of sorrow unsung

Community keys locking them into freedom
Their words combined should only create healing songs
Like a sharply spoken chill out; or heavy hands laying a light calming heat

Because we all know
These two words were never meant to meet

Domestic violence is an oxymoron


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