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written by: Fallen Engel



Enter the Great Antrum while traveling to Baia Italy, by torch candlelight and follow the passage in a tight single file and communicate with the unheard. Deal with this world and hear my future, superstitious I am, but what could be worse. Descend at an angle and follow down to this subterranean labyrinth of volcanic mastery. Air is getting hotter and harder to breathe. Access the realm of the Gods and pay the pilgrimage to be around someone so holy. Is it true or is it fake, I need to know my future without a mistake. Push further on and find the River Styx, the waters of all the legendary myths. Charon, the Ferryman awaits to take me to the other side as I pay him in mistletoe and he points me to the Oracle’s chamber. There, in the Underworld I anticipate much excitement, although I am afraid at the same time, of what I might learn. Low and behold, there she is waiting for me as she slips into a trance so eloquently and rare to see. What causes this reaction I do not know, methane gas, drugs or spirits involved. Deep in these decadent caverns anything can happen. Glad my horrific reading is over I depart from this mystical endeavor.

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