The Raven, a poem by ManRayGun at

The Raven

The Raven

written by: ManRayGun


There’s a Raven on my shoulder
I can hear the fat lady sing
A bell tolls in the darkness
For me I fear it rings
Asking me to follow
Heavy with life’s load
As I head onto the darkness
I pull the collar up on my coat

I pass the lords and gentry
The poor the ill the lost
Some screaming for forgiveness
Is that the holy ghost?
Grinning as he spies me
Holds out his crooked hand
Then he and the Raven lead me
Not to the promised land

I tried to be a good man
I tried to make my stand
A husband and a father too
Then the devil took my hand
Led me down this dark black road
Into a rock n roll band
The 8 of diamonds turned for me
I overplayed my hand

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