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What To Wear

written by: Mia Wright



in my woman body,
i wear strangeness like a garment.
burdenbreasts buckling construction.
this corporeal petrichor,
a malachite orchid,
a dry velour tongue
stretched stone-brown
with memory.
in my man body, i am white.
my hair an alarm of silk knives,
a mouth made of fists.
my penis is quiet,
a red alien hissing low
for violence.
my torso is part razor,
part roller skate.
this form achtung,
weapon ready-cocked,
bathed and fed the same,
a diet of conquered flesh –

Mia Wright

Mia Wright

Mia Wright is a native of Tulsa, OK. A single mother and educator, Wright's poems have appeared in Word Riot, This Land, The Girl God, Watershed, and countless restaurant napkins. Her works can be found on her blog at 19 poems.
Mia Wright

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