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A Feather’s Touch

A Feather’s Touch

written by: Debbie Aruta



Like a feather against my skin,
his fingers touch my arm.
Reaching out, caressing my cells,
but recoiling away in my mind.

He looks deep into my soul,
scaring me with the intensity of his desires.
Knowing what he wants, not knowing my wants.
Stroking my cheek, a feeling of lightness fills me.

Brushing my hair behind my ears,
seeing all my face.
Standing forever, frozen,
leaning into me, then stopped!

Making a memory of this moment.
Moving forward close the gap,
taking my hand,
running his fingers between each one.

My heart, stopped, waiting, anticipation.
Kissing my hand, slowly, purposefully,
waiting for our eyes to unlock from their embrace.
Wetting my lips, biting my tongue, I cannot speak.
electricity surging through my body.

He whispers “I love you” in my ear,
foreign words for so long,
missing from his heart and mine.

Those words falling on my ears,
piercing my armor.
Stroking my back,
pulling me to him.

One step, then another,
gently touching his lips to mine,
Our tongues begin to dance.
Falling back down to reality,
slowly drifting off my cloud.

The realization hits me.
We are in love?
We kissed?
We are an US?

Holding me in his arms,
struggling against his heart beat,
fast, strong,determination in us.

He wants me, again.
I was a feather,
weightless in all the hope.
A minuscule pebble in my mind,
stating this could be our last try.

A tear walls up in my eye,
waiting for my past hurts to come out.
Struggling to remain composed,
Past hurling at me, flooding me,
without hope, without love.

I  walk away!

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