A Flight, a poem by Alison Fagan at Spillwords.com
Aaron Burden

A Flight

A Flight

written by: Alison Fagan


Hijacking, some winds to fly-
Across, across, the bay,
I sigh,
As air crosses me.
Intimate moonlight.
In gusts that don’t land,
I come to understand
Hard feel of empty hands,
As I drift inconsequentially,
In the face of blank clouds,
They pose, in a thin blue sky.

I need to find-
The way the words fall,
From such slim pouts of lips,
In a pattern of pages,
They all print,
As lines, as lines.
That solemn prayer of times.
I spy in these borrowed climbs,
Books that fell into place.
A world that came from space.
In this moment or two.

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