A Prayer of a Soldier's Wife, a poem by Roger Turner at Spillwords.com

A Prayer of a Soldier’s Wife

A Prayer of a Soldier’s Wife

written by: Roger Turner



Dear Lord, please hear my prayer
Each night I ask the same
I’m sure you know me well by now
So, I will not leave my name
My husband is a soldier
Doing duty overseas
I pray you have a moment
to listen to me, please
We have two growing children
And they need their dad around
Please see he gets home safely
Once he’s safely homeward bound
I’m sure you hear from others
With the same request as me
Please Lord, give them an answer
Give a sign for all to see
We ask for our young children
They’re the ones in need
Please keep our soldiers safe Lord
Once they’ve planted freedom’s seed
I count each day I ask you
I tie a ribbon to a tree
Bring them home for all of us
Don’t just bring them home for me
Of all the yellow ribbons
On all the Old Oak Trees
Please Lord, I ask you
I am here upon my knees
Our soldiers left in earnest
Please keep them alive
Let them do their duty
Please keep them safe ’till they arrive
I’ll be back again tomorrow
And my prayer will be the same
Like I said, I’m sure you know me
So, I will not leave my name

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