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There I Was

There I Was

written by: Joy4no1



As often I was, deep in my mood, I sat on a bench and spotted a bat on a low branch of a tree staring at me.

The moon was out, casting curious shadows, but the one I focused on was casting a menacing shine, from which I was sure were its eyes.

Petrification was I, making sure no motion set the bat to fly.

Its webbed wings protracted and my lungs turned to ice, praying this winged mammal didn’t mind if I cried.

Then the most horrific sight I had the unfortunate opportunity to see was when I noticed it was not a bat with extended wings, but a six-foot monster waving at me.

I opened my mouth to scream like a shrill whistle when the monster opened its mouth and gave a deep giggle. Offended but still about to pee my pants, I stood up and took a stance.

“Get away from that tree you monster!”

“Why should I, it’s Halloween?”

“Don’t you see what you just did to me? I don’t care if it’s Halloween, you scared the living shit outta me!”

The monster took one step forward, and I swear I felt it in my bones. Bending my knees, praying I kept my jeans urine free, the monster dared to lecture me.

“You humans are all the same. You dress up, and parade, pretending at being me while I hide in shame. Here I am, enjoying a stroll, and you want me to feel bad for you while you cry and pout? I was here first human so–get !”

By now it was obvious this ghastly monster, with no self-respect, meant to chase me off with words and that was no threat. So with a scowl and a harrumph, I planted my butt on the bench and said, “Maybe this once, since it is Halloween, human and monster can sit and be civil, if not you can take your ugly butt back to the devil.”

The monster raised its webbed fingers to the moonlit sky, sighed and spat, “Well, we can at least try but don’t think I won’t eat you. I have spit roasted humans that have made me resentful.”

There I was, on Halloween night, my mood poor but once given a fright, able to see the monster through the trees and the next year I even brought him Carmel candies since he refrained from devouring me.

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