Laconism written by Joy4no1 at


Laconism written by: Joy4no1 @JOY4NO1   Silence, I know it well with each inhale & exhale. The night wraps around me like a guilty hug. Curle...
Let Me Go written by Joy4no1 at

Let Me Go

Let Me Go written by: Joy4no1 @JOY4NO1   Sometimes I lay in bed at night, wondering where you are or if you are alright. Then I wonder why I'm not sa...
Love Bleeds written by Joy4no1 at

Love Bleeds

Love Bleeds written by: Joy4no1 @JOY4NO1   I slipped in your blood today. The warm stickiness covered my hands and yet I wished to see them clean w...


I have always loved words and find comfort in what they mean to others. I am a writer of fiction and have recently published my first two books on Amazon. I love bringing characters to life and letting them surprise me with their own words.