A Victorian Lamplight, a poem by Phyllis P. Colucci at Spillwords.com

A Victorian Lamplight

A Victorian Lamplight

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



A Lamplight glows
A Lamplight speaks
It tells a tale of romance
It lights up a room with love

Victorian-era essence
Casts its glow from long ago
Shadows of the past
Visits in the Present
Taking a seat in my welcoming home

Transcending time forever
Telling the Secrets generations kept hidden
Some were quite endearing
While others sadly forbidden

Its Lamplight lives on
Nurtured by spirits of the past
Existing by lives of the present
Oblivious to a new future
While gracing this lovely abode

It has seen life, death, joy and love
Peace, hope; prayers from up above
With flickering stare and eternal light
It comforts us from morning ‘til night

It has wiped away our tears
It has stripped away our fears
It has laughed as loud as I
It has separated truth from lie

It has blanketed us on a winter’s night
When we felt cold and full of fright
It shielded us from thrashing winds outside
And flickered a smile from our table with pride

It hears our conversations
With family and friends upon the sofa
Some words are harsh, many are kind
My lamplight knows what was on our mind

It understands the human way
It shares our lives every day
It never judges or turns its back
Always filled with patience
A virtue we humans sometimes lack

…Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow
History will come and go
New faces will make their entrance
Greeted by the mystical glow
of a stately Victorian Table Lamp
…One I will forever be honored to know!



The essence and beauty of a Victorian Lamp casts its light and its shadows, as it sits upon a table in the corner of a room in anyone’s home. The history of that era lives on from one home to the next and from one family to the next, through its magical glow. Intriguing! If you listen closely, it may tell you stories from the past and create new stories for the present and the future. Let its light speak!

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