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A Walk In The Rain

A Walk in the Rain

written by: Brandi Easterling Collins



She went for a walk in the rain
With barely enough light to see
The mist baptizing her favorite path.

She couldn’t escape the pain
Without causing much more
So she retreated to her abandoned door.

Once inside, the walls entombed her
And trapped her as they moved,
Revealing the family she’d left behind.

Trapped within the rose-printed wallpaper,
She stood in silent perfection
In thorns that drew no blood.

She went for a walk in the rain
To clear her overwhelmed mind
From burdens drowning in her wrath.

She dropped to her knees and prayed
For forgiveness and solitude;
Watched her children while they played.

They never missed her,
Or knew the sacrifices she made.

Brandi Easterling Collins

Brandi Easterling Collins

Brandi Easterling Collins discovered her passion for writing while still in junior high. She developed her own writing style and pursued a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Arkansas Tech University. She is a published short-story author and blogger. Her debut novel was twenty years in the making. She lives in Dardanelle, Arkansas with her husband and two children.
Brandi Easterling Collins

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