Adrift Into A Snow Globe, by Ken Allan Dronsfield at

Adrift Into A Snow Globe

Adrift Into a Snow Globe

written by: Ken Allan Dronsfield



As I gaze through the glass of the snow globe.
My mind drifts off and I find myself there skating.
Through the snow flakes, and the bonfire’s glow
mugs of cocoa with tiny marshmallows waiting.

The vision of my girl, wearing her long red coat
with faux fur around the hood and white mittens,
knitted hat and long white scarf cover her throat
skating along the pond, her blond hair in ribbons.

Moving along with grace in my old black skates
I race along the pond, trying to catch up with her
finally getting close, I call out, then she hesitates
I fly on by, trip, land on my dignity, hitting with a blur.

I can hear her giggling with glee from behind me,
but I suddenly wake from my daydream visions
still standing there, globe in hand, I leave it be,
smiling, thankful for memories of loves adoration.

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