Falling Sakura Blossoms, poetry by Ken Allan Dronsfield at Spillwords.com
Crystal Kay

Falling Sakura Blossoms

Falling Sakura Blossoms

written by: Ken Allan Dronsfield



In spring I watched the Sakura blossoms fall like
snow, landing in the waters of the Kushi Ogawa River.
See the beauty of the tall Japanese Crane as it fishes
along the edge of the water while Canon Birds fly
from tree to tree chasing moths, flies, and bees.
In the wider areas of the river, the Hokkaido
Ducks swim while taking turns sitting upon eggs.
As the snow melts, we watch as the beautiful
Red Crowned Cranes dance along the shoreline
squawking and singing to all who will have a listen.
If you are very quiet and still you might see the
shy Sika Deer foraging near the river at sunset.
From the Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto I watch
the children dance and catch falling blossoms;
dropping like warm snow if that were possible.
Each spring I watch the Sakura blossoms fall; and
the beauty of the tall Japanese Crane as it fishes
while sipping on a porcelain cup of Sake.

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