Ethereal Into Me written by Nivedita Roy at

Ethereal Into Me

Ethereal Into Me

written by: Nivedita Roy



Did I tell you the stories
Or wrote you the letters
Of luminous dawn
Before enigmatic dusks
Under trees of sycamore
Near bells of Ireland,
In garden of luck..
About land of elves,
The land of love
Fairies sabotaging the goblins
Where my dreams were star struck..
Did I tell you the mosses
Overran by unicorns
Springs of elixir
Where agony anguished the forlorn
The tale of tremulous stars
Adorned by halos
Nights into occulted radiance
Dwimmers its bewitching fellow..
This, I told you
Is the realm of my soul
It spreads every day
Like branches out’a tree
This ethereal into me
Is everyone’s and thee..

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