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Civilization of Humiliation

Civilization of Humiliation

written by: Nivedita Roy



Canary sky, when blue is blind
I turn my face to that scorching sunlight
I have loved the sun…
its hues and its burns
I have fired my heart, just to learn and learn…
But see where I stand, yet somber and hurt
seems that the little girl has never left my hut.
‘what a rebel’ they say
‘vexed anarchist’ they say…
I throw my hands in nothingness
just to find this darkened way…
I grunt, I growl, I fight, I shout
‘mad woman’, they say
‘agile warmonger’ they say…
I weep in the shadows and put on my smartness
will I look a little weak, if I confess that I pray?
because on all my silent days
I loudly miss my man,
But o’ my feisty ways
my lies and ignorance, my sins and sham
beguiling you- as a lady of pleasure,
with all to serve except for, shame…
It looks illogical, that I voice for my disgrace
these civilizations of humiliation
after all has my Gender, to blame…
But whilst I roar with crippling toes
you might amputate me, through and through
my blaze might petrify within this gore,
but this gnast of ember; oh dear fabulist!
will engulf the mortal earth, to its core…
Have I told that my love, has seen no borders
so is this revolution, bestows none of your orders…

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