Plastic, a poem written by Jane Briganti at
Markus Winkler



written by: Jane Briganti


Swipe it
Chip it
Tap it
I hear it everywhere
What about cash?
Try it if you dare

Mumbles of annoyance
from those who cannot wait
Cash transactions
are considered out of date

Everything moving fast
and nothing slow
People rushing about
What do they really know?

The allure of cash
The jingle of change
To modern consumers
seems all too strange

The value of money
is not the same
Just pick a card
A consumer’s game

Bonus points and
Cash back scams
People falling victim
like slaughtered lambs

“Buy more stuff”
The message is clear
Charge it to your card
pay it off next year

Governmental plans
to keep the people poor
Give them what they want
and keep them buying more

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