Beating Life's Arrows, a poem by Brenda Arledge at
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Beating Life’s Arrows

Beating Life’s Arrows

written by: Brenda Arledge



How great it would be
to change his abode,
to fly like the seagulls
following the path of each season.

No longer lingering
In Winter’s cold embrace,
beating the arrows of life’s game
refreshing his weary bones,
dipping his toes
in a warm fountain of youth.

Feeling the comfort of lost and forgotten friends,
facing each hurdle of life together,
no more suffering in solitude
on a lonesome trail,
not knowing which direction to turn.



I wrote this poem as I watched my boyfriend face stage 4 Lung cancer with no one else but me by his side.
Life would be better if friends stayed for the journey.

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