Luvly Laura’s Little Black Dress, poetry by RC Larlham at
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Luvly Laura’s Little Black Dress

Luvly Laura’s Little Black Dress

written by: RC Larlham



I went out one day, to buy my love a dress.
A dress I knew she would wear but once
And only at the last place she’d ever be seen
But she had nothing new, and I wanted her
To look her best for what would be our last reunion.
A little black dress, I thought, would be best, just as
Coco Chanel said, “Every woman should have
A little black dress.” But my love had no
Such dress, nor had she ever worn one that I recalled
But for this time, this one last time, she would.

In the store, I found a clerk just the size
To help me choose and model my love’s dress.
In no time at all she had found the perfect dress
And held it up so I could see. But my eyes
Betrayed me, leaking tears of just-earned grief

And so I had to tell her that the dress was only
For a single use – my love’s laying out, so she
Could feel proud of how she looked again,
After so long being ill and looking sick and wan.
Her looks were after all her greatest pride and fear.

Later that week we gathered ‘round to be with her
And bid her our goodbyes. The little black dress, with
A slender necklace made of gold was just enough.
She’d have been pleased with how she looked
That last time the family was ever together with her.

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