Merely A Fly, a poem written by Jane Briganti at
Jin Yeong Kim

Merely A Fly

Merely A Fly

written by: Jane Briganti


Insignificant little fly
does it have a purpose
other than to die
Under attack
I sit and wonder why?

Shoo I say, swatting it to go away
Shoo I say, this fly is ruining my day

Attacking my face
crawling upon my skin
Is killing a fly a mortal sin?
Shoo I say and it zooms away

It’s back, the fly –
you see it didn’t die
Retaliation later in the day
It’s hovering over my food
determined to ruin my mood

Newspaper roll in hand
I aim, I swat
unfortunately, I miss
An aviator in motion
still buzzing in bliss

The fly still buzzing round
irritates and aggravates
My nerves are broke
this fly is not a joke

Still solo is this fly
crawling on my food
buzzing round my beer
Determined –
this insect has no fear

This fly
won’t leave me alone
I will not stop
His life must cease
I’m ready to strike another blow
I wait with patience
Where did it go?

Newspaper in hand
Steadily I wait

The fly falls dead
a carcass on the ground
devoured by ants
never to be found

An aviator in motion
An insect with no emotion
Is its death tragic or not?
Did the fly deserve what it got?

In retrospect
Apathetic I
eliminated what I thought
was merely a fly

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