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written by: Jolene Purdy


I took a lethal dose
Of you and your lies
Whilst she got the best part
Of your unfaithful high.
You ran through my veins
And filled my lungs,
But you were just a dabble for her
Melting on her tongue.
She was your gateway,
I was already hooked.
So you continued to pick up girls
And do so much more than just look.
We are so desperate for salvation,
For rehabilitation and separation.
But old habits die hard,
And love dies harder.
A lifetime of relapsing,
Collapsing in on each other.

Jolene Purdy

Jolene Purdy

I’m a 20 year old English and Creative Writing student at University of South Wales. I got into writing poetry as a child and have always used it as an outlet for my emotions. Recently, I’ve started to share my work on social media and am hoping to pursue a career in writing.
Jolene Purdy

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