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Writing For The Mentally Disturbed 101

written by: RayFed



I swear there are some nights where everything I ever did that was bad comes around to visit me and doesn't even have the courtesy to knock. Just comes right in, doesn't say a word and sits over on the couch smiling at me.

I tell'em "You know I'll just take some pills and you'll have to leave right?" Fucker doesn't say a word. Just sits there. Still smiling at me. So wouldn't you know it, they refuse to leave so I pop the top and wash down my antidote, then I settle back comfortably in my bed thinking to myself "Now who's the one laughing motherfucker!"

My eyes start to shutter and I can finally feel sleep sliding over me like warm water. Now they get up and walk over to my bed and lean down real close to my ear so I can feel their breath on my head and they speak...

"See you tomorrow Raymond."



I've always been a jack of all trades. I've been a poet, author, social commentator, comedian, online gamer, pod cast host, and Youtuber. I've had a class A license to drive semi truck over the road. I've worked as a chef, manager and all kitchen positions in hundreds of restaurants over the years. I've traveled in Mexico, Canada and through 37 of the 50 states. I've been a volunteer firefighter in Florida, where I grew up. I've fished the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and saw the far distant coast line of Cuba before its recent opening to the west. I've married, had 4 kids, divorced, got CKD stage 6 (end stage renal failure) Survived a stroke, mild heart attack, MRSA, blood clots and now chronic heart failure. Fully disabled and home bound, the internet is my social outlet, and window on the world. I go to dialysis three times a week, I watch movies, play video games and chat with people on social media. Writing is my catharsis for a life that is now spent measuring the time I have left, less the tomorrows that may never be.

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