When Evil Finds Me, poetry written by RayFed at Spillwords.com
Elijah Hiett

When Evil Finds Me

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When Evil Finds Me

written by: RayFed



When evil finds me, I’ll hold it close, to keep your gods at bay.
In this cloak of flesh and blood, I hide from the light of day.

When evil finds me, I will become what monsters dare to dream.
Time to reap fresh love of hell such as never seen.

When evil finds me, I’ll look up, for signs of my appeal.
I’d claw each step to marble gates to make a final deal.

When evil finds me, I will burn for all the things I’ve done.
No more to weep for pities sake the Father, Ghost, and Son.



I've always been a jack of all trades. I've been a poet, author, social commentator, comedian, online gamer, pod cast host, and Youtuber. I've had a class A license to drive semi truck over the road. I've worked as a chef, manager and all kitchen positions in hundreds of restaurants over the years. I've traveled in Mexico, Canada and through 37 of the 50 states. I've been a volunteer firefighter in Florida, where I grew up. I've fished the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and saw the far distant coast line of Cuba before its recent opening to the west. I've married, had 4 kids, divorced, got CKD stage 6 (end stage renal failure) Survived a stroke, mild heart attack, MRSA, blood clots and now chronic heart failure. Fully disabled and home bound, the internet is my social outlet, and window on the world. I go to dialysis three times a week, I watch movies, play video games and chat with people on social media. Writing is my catharsis for a life that is now spent measuring the time I have left, less the tomorrows that may never be.

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