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written by: G.R. MELVIN


Change & keys upon a bureau corner
Can’t be far from the boots and his trousers
Low volume all night tv tells murder stories
Some are unsolved like this week I’ve been havin’
I could get my car back if the garage is open
My fuckin’ phone got lost in downtown without pity
I’ll maybe get another once I am way down the road
Some contacts, all the music won’t be easily replaced
I can chalk it up to “Oh Well”. Sunday’s almost come

G.R. Melvin

G.R. Melvin

Longtime poet, when I try & dare some. Retired from my money-making job (& don't really know how to do it). In the material world I live in Southwest Florida. It's a cultural wasteland but my Mom & sister are here to look after. I probably drink too much & overthink too much but I'll get through it.
G.R. Melvin

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