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Nature! A Mystical Creative

Nature! A Mystical Creative

written by: LadyLily



Nature! A Mystical creative,
Light pinpoints each petal
On whispering groups of Petunias.
Roses, red and silken leaves
Dying, crumbling day by day.

Mist hangs in a cloak of clinging dew,
Tall Poplar’s silver dawn-gleam touches
The late Robin. He smiles like a little boy.
Dandelion, gone to seed,
Her tiny stars fly high, as Saturn awaits them.

A wide wind skitters across perky Primulas,
Faces like pancakes with randy eyes,
That leer at every passing bloom.
Cedar’ plumes climb in wandering amethyst,
Tangling with sunbeams of mellow yellow.

Beside the river two stone elephants trudge,
Wobbling like an unset jelly. Blinking, winking,
Slavering, like hungry baboons.
Boasting to a flitting butterfly …
‘We’ve met two fit chicks!’

Startling Swift’s fluttering wings
Await the evening Chapel-chimes,
To feel the heat of painted Sunflowers.
A relic Christmas tree, had his time, lurks,
Dressed by Imps as a murky brown monster.
Sweet Peas lift pumping heads, shadows stark,
Spin in a kaleidoscope of hues on a rickety fence.

Dusk-fog creeps through quivering pines
Behind breeze-blown blossoms.
Daisies glow, still singing,
Marigolds sleep, their torches out.
Vertumnus grins at his mystical creations.*


*  Vertumnus – Roman God of gardens, seasons, plant growth and fruit trees

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