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Other Places By The Sea

Other places by the sea

written by: Gavin Haycock



now, here, by sea
commas dragging as if anchors
a point to make against the pull of the tide
shore sounds, random and repetitive
quick screech of gulls, slow slur of waves
in these places, windows stay ajar
and you don’t think about it
here, in these waterfall gardens of night
you almost don’t think
others have said if it’s not written down, it’s not real
this is a place of others
permanence stillborn within
among exhalations of seaweed
bleached and weary from a last unrequited surge
which will come, again and again
come dawn, come scattered memories, come rot
boats lay tethered to windlasses, to huts, to earth
names of mothers and girlfriends
tattooed black on their sides, exposed to sun and wind
driftwood shells on cold stone, leaning, spent
no one, but the silent, unspeakable still on the hill
remember the crayers, the ketches, the pinks
flotsam flotillas drowned by nostalgia
their longing for landfall, for their Lazarus
here, in these other places by the sea

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