Comfort Of Strangers, a poem written by Gavin Haycock at

Comfort Of Strangers

Comfort of Strangers

written by: Gavin Haycock



a sun is coming up somewhere
burning the frozen air
climbing in its dawn light
distant blue, soft and subtle
like the hue of quail eggs
like barely audible voices
like brief moans shooting meteorites over a frozen desert
we’re all heading into this new dawn
sidestepping collisions in our heads
ricochets of emerging rays and missing days
as we head east towards another night
so many voices
so many things unsaid
and we wonder what we will say
when we make ground-fall amid the stars
knowing …
the same light and dark of yesterday returns tomorrow

I didn’t catch your name as the sun passed above us
with everything glowing amid the comfort of strangers
so, tell me where you’re from
we’ll work out where we are
touch my nose with yours
let’s start there
then name mountains and hills
seas and rivers
places of permanence you were born near
I can do the same
we’ll figure out how the land connects us
this place with no north or south
no equatorial or polar bias
that began as one then drifted
yet kept her head above water
we’ll figure it out
two feet on the ground
ice, moss, saltwater and sand among our toes
it’s a good place to start
a sun is coming up somewhere

and when we finally meet
you’ll take my hand
while looking through the sky
embraced by mother earth with her many shoulders
her turns of iron-winged weightlessness
you’ll say …
let gravity go
emerge from depths
blow where a wild wind carries you
flow free with rivers
reflect in brief moments of ascent
distant places are not uncharted
others are already there shimmering without shadow
a sun is coming up somewhere

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