Suicidio, written by Robin McNamara at



written by: Robin McNamara



The morning sun rose
But he could not
Feel it.

The dog sat beside him
But he could not
Stroke it.

The doorbell constantly
But he could not

The pain he had
The fear he felt
Wasn’t there
No more.

She sat on their porch
Gin in hand
Staring into space
He could not
Comfort her.

The callers came and
They stared right through him
At the stairs
Leading to the attic.

He tried to imagine
The grief she held
Inside her broken heart
Now like crystal.

His feverish cries
Of profound regret
The moment he’d changed
His mind too late.

No place to rest his head
He wandered alone
Through the lashing rain
That didn’t wet him.

A final look back
She’d gone from the porch
He turned
Suddenly he saw her
She reached for his hand.

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