Spring Was Ever Thus, a poem by Roger Haydon at Spillwords.com

Spring Was Ever Thus

Spring Was Ever Thus

written by: Roger Haydon



In lengthening light you shake yourself awake,
unfurl, push up, break through, spread and rise
in green, jade, emerald and myriad shining colours
and floating perfumes, eager for buzzing visitations,
rising up to greet the rain, wind and sun and warming air
and the shock frost probing weakness at the cusp of change.

Get the growing done quick and everywhere,
outstrip the slimed enemy, the hungry beak and the crowding pest,
soon enough in summer fruit and crop will be ready and
the sap will stop its flow, all in a breath held deep in exaltation,
before your distant cousin who you’ve never met, will never meet,
elbows in cold to furl and shrivel all your tender work
while you wait in certainty for your turn to start it all again.

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