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There are Angels on the Earth

There are Angels on the Earth

written by: Simona Prilogan


It rains on streets, the stream drops hope
Over my wicked paths I know,
Remembering how a full stop
Crushed down my breath, not long ago.

I gasped for air, while worries set
A wild and mazy puzzle game
Unfurling the unknown sunset
Beyond my frozen, mortal frame.

Meantime in valleys of the dark,
On Friday, 13th of the month,
A nazar chanted spells of luck,
Seeking the deals of fairies’ run.

Yet psalms of childhood flamed the space,
A warm hand touched my icy arm,
A soft embrace of hope and grace
Brought from above the mighty calm.

At gates of the unseen I was
For minutes, hours, trembling, numbed.
I murmured rhymes of love. A pause
Took my few steps behind the dark.

A sea of snow, a bright homeland
Reflected rays of a strange realm,
But suddenly life gave a hand:
My friend beside warming my arm.

The autumn’s fears were dropping down
Their reddish masks. Bringing peace time
A choir of angels reached the town
Of my pipe dream, on heart’s soft lane.

In quiet corners shadows play
Unfolding mysteries of earth.
Tackling the moon’s silvery ray
A golden dawn sparks love’s rebirth.

A story comes to life again,
Amazing, coherent, and true.
Aligning dreams in sunny lane
I race through hope brushing my blue.

From past soft rhymes pen present’s psalms:
When winter goes, spring brings rebirth,
Whilst priceless seasons cover us
There are seen angels on the earth.

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