Mutual Morality, a poem written by Kate Blake at
Kate Blake

Mutual Morality

Mutual Morality

written by: Kate Blake


Indigenous people lived in harmony with their land
routes and water supplies were subtly marked
insect behaviour a reliable weather predictor

they lived simply with allocated chores
sure sometimes the tribes warred
more often celebrated with song and dance

but life was always a collaborative effort
respect for all inhabitants and their land
a soulful connection for mutual survival

then we came along and stole it all for a song
to rape and abuse, nobody is amused
we take all we can, never listen, don’t understand

climate and environment in imminent dire danger
wasting massive resources to explore other planets
do anything to avoid addressing our current crisis

such arrogant entitlement can only have an ugly end
to direct descendants what message do you send
be peaceful and with our land try to blend

am living off grid to lessen my footprint
what simple daily changes can you make
act now or commit a mortal mistake …

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