Wealth, a poem by Kate Blake at Spillwords.com
Liam Pozz



written by: Kate Blake


I love this cosmopolitan country

where I can hear so many accents
Kiwi, Indian, European, Aussie or Auslan

where I can visit
cave art, a temple, church, synagogue or mosque

where I can indulge food and culture
from our traditional landowners, Thailand,
India, Africa or Turkey

we have
sheep, spiders, sharks and snakes,
cattle, kelpies, kangaroos and koalas

come and see
Uluru, K’rai, Opera House and Taronga zoo

where our vibrant red desert
is girthed by coastal gems
and the kilometres are endless

the country that lauds equality and ‘a fair go’
where white men arrogantly rule
heedless of consent or duty of care

this vivid kaleidoscope of ethnicity
provides such a wealth of diversity
steeped in culture interwoven
right here in this wondrous tapestry
that I call home …

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