Nuclear Fuchsia, poetry by Charlotte R Faulconbridge at

Nuclear Fuchsia

Nuclear Fuchsia

written by: Charlotte R Faulconbridge


Why do I have to pick
Between pink and quantum mechanics?
Can I not like electromagnetism
As well as blush and bubblegum?

Can I not wear magenta
As I calculate inertia?
Or split the atom
Whilst wearing shades of salmon?

What if I wore carnation
To learn about the H-bomb’s creation?
Or drench myself in watermelon
As I witness particle acceleration?

Because I like brains
And I like them big
And not just because
The cerebral cortex is pink

But because I like to think
Not just to look pretty
My general relativity
Shouldn’t be defined by my taste in colour theory

Fuchsia or fission
You’re saying that’s my decision?!
Can I not be more one thing?
Because I am a beauty and a geek!

So give me particle accelerators by the sea!
Quantum calculations written in cerise!
The thermodynamics of our energy,
And gravitational waves of the Universe’s synergy!

Not a pastel ultimatum
With a half-life of rosy momentum

So spare a thought
For my centripetal force
And the spin of my reactor’s nucleus core
Because whether I like the dusky tones of photon diffraction
My matter, matters.

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