Kate Blake

Slavery, poetry written by Kate Blake at Spillwords.com


Slavery written by: kate blake   We are slaves to one thing or another … our family, work or sport; social media, movies or games; addictions, appear...
Amore, a poem written by Kate Blake at Spillwords.com


Amore written by: kate blake   When enamoured of new love we swoon endearments and kisses rain like monsoon Meander hand in hand under the moon adorn...
Abiding, a micropoem written by Kate Blake at Spillwords.com


Abiding written by: kate blake   If we take our time to abide in love then our stars will shine above We will attract like-minded friends where respe...
Kate Blake

Kate Blake

Challenging and entertaining is my aim as I encourage optimism and support others to think differently whilst empowering a healthier lifestyle and thinking patterns. I blog as calmkate on aroused so please visit.