Spreading The Light, a poem by Kate Blake at Spillwords.com
Aziz Achark

Spreading The Light

Spreading The Light

written by: Kate Blake


pandemic permeates the very core of our being
activities, connections, education, finances, health, work …
our very well-being physically, mentally and emotionally
twisted in a vortex of turmoil, insecurity and doubt

relationships stretched to straining point
safety under threat as fragile fearful people
are so volatile, ready to erupt, explode
at the tiniest provocation, stay steady …

for if we stay steady, true to our core values
mindful to be kind and caring to those we meet
this is a time worldwide for these vital qualities
to nurture and heal others and self …

finding healthy outlets for creativity
humour, entertainment and distraction
to preserve our sanity and health safely
to be gentle, thoughtful and funny

a prime example to all who are troubled
a light of hope so essential for those
festering, drowning, overwhelmed
we have the strength, the heart and guts

to not only survive but learn how to thrive
by recreating our lives, reviewing all challenges
knowing ourselves, our triggers and wisdom
to shine, amuse, share and care for those

struggling caught in the fear of this past year
of an issue no one could ever have imagined
we are in this quagmire together so abandon
fear … “may the force be with you”!



inspired by the d’Verse prompt by Mish; “May the force be with you.” – Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, 1980

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