Sacred Space, a poem by Kate Blake at
The Humantra

Sacred Space

Sacred Space

written by: Kate Blake


contemplation is a way of life
keeps self-pity from causing strife
sit and watch my thoughts like clouds
or stride out with awareness of all about

some prefer to garden, read or dance
whatever allows your mind to unwind
to let go of the bubbling busyness
that constantly drains our energy

sacred space to top up
restore and refresh
enables better coping skills
to deal with life and all it behest

take a moment in the bathroom
or the garden, stopped at traffic lights
nurture your respite moments
balances mind and emotions

keeps us healthy and happier
with that refreshing respite
from our hectic daily life
breath deep, walk the beach

prioritise your solace
inhale contented calm
make it your balm
ensures less alarm

quiet time out of our head
establish a regular habit
it will hold us in good stead
enhances creativity and calm

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