Why Can't You Just Eat? a poem by Claire L. Marsh at Spillwords.com
Diana Polekhina

Why Can’t You Just Eat?

Why Can’t You Just Eat?

written by: Claire L. Marsh



Completely dedicated, I’m striving for the next goal
My value in numbers achieved, never me as a whole
Reaching the target brings unsurpassable elation
I’m clean, I’m pure, a product of my determination
I hone and master it, until it’s my supreme power
Omnipotently succeeding where others would cower

It gives so very much and in return asks for so little
You simply restrict, refrain and offer total submittal
Plus shrinking, emaciating and reducing is splendid
A perfectionism to which only few have ascended
What is accepted is rejected and what is wrong becomes right
Until there is no trust in my thoughts or even in my sight

My thighs like noble tree trunks, all sturdy and broad
Yet the feedback from my brain is surely a fraud
They tell me I’m skinny, my heart will surely fail
So why does the mirror keep showing me a whale?
I spend an hour chewing and swallowing three bites
Whilst my senses, my throat and my own stomach fights
Food’s noxious and toxic, it causes mass bloating
I’m hideous, weak and rapidly exploding

No stopping, no lessening, the voices push my worst fear
That I’m fat. Because it’s a fact. And I should disappear.

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