Sepia Stains, a poem by Antonia Wang at

Sepia Stains

Sepia Stains

written by: Antonia Wang



My once rufous lips, now stained in sepia,
by the spatter of listless years…
Release my face, etched within the boughs
of a slow unraveling.

My eyes fall like thunder on shrinking roots,
in the wake of my tears. I crumble slowly,
as I dry and meld into shallow bark.
The tree is dew-dampened with dim desires.

I peel away after nightfall,
(face, fingers, limbs, and spine)—
awash in the nocturnal hush.
Years gleam like rings beneath my thinning skin.

Moonlit flowers bloom from the weary springs
of my eyes, casting their ethereal glow.
Luna smiles a gentle, cool beam
upon my shoulders, as I bid goodbye.

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